Below is a step by step overview on how to add items to an order. 

Outlet Menu Overview

 The outlet menu is made up of the following elements (See Figure 1):

  1. Outlet Name (A)

  2. Link to Outlet Info (B)

  3. Product Categories (C)

  4. Products (D)

  5. Order Basket (E)

Figure 1: Outlet Menu Overview

Selecting a Product Category:

Clicking on a product category will cause the browser to automatically scroll those specific products into view.

Adding Specific Products to the Order:

To add a specific product to the customer order, the Agent needs to click on the product. The Agent will then be presented with the Product Customization Modal (See Figure 2).

This Modal usually contains the following elements, although it should be noted that some of these are optional depending on how the product has been configured on the YUMBI Platform:

  1. Product Name (A)

  2. Product Description (B)

  3. Configurable Extras Drop-downs (e.g. Sauces and Toppings)

  4. Configurable Upsell Items (e.g. Drinks and Sides)

  5. Configurable Options (e.g. Beef or Chicken)

  6. Special Instructions (C)

  7. A Quantity Selector (D)

  8. Product Price Indicator and "Add to Order" Button (E)


Figure 2: Product Customization Modal


Customizing a Specific Product:

Selecting any of the optional drop-downs will expose the list of items that the customer can choose from. Where multiple options are available, these can be applied in sequential order. To remove an optional extra, the Agent can click on the 'x' button located on the right-hand side of the included optional item (See Figure 3).

When an additional charge will be incurred for the item, this is indicated in a bracket appended at the end of the drop-down item name. Note that adding an item, or altering the quantity of the product being ordered will automatically cause the Product Price Indicator to change.


If there are any special instructions related to the product (e.g. No Lettuce or Tomato) these can be entered into the Special Instructions area. Note that this should not be used to indicate additional items that need to be charged for. Instead, the appropriate option in the drop-down list should be selected.


Figure 3: Multiple Extras on Product

Adding a Product to the Basket:

Once the Agent has completed customizing the product, they can add it to the order basket by clicking on the "Add to Order" button. This will close the Product Customization Modal and return them to the outlet menu so that they can add additional products, or proceed with the checkout process.

Reviewing Products Added to the Basket:

When viewing the outlet menu, it is possible to see which products have been added to the basket using two mechanisms (See Figure 4):

  1. The on-product quantity indicator

  2. The "Your Order" summary panel


Figure 4: Selected Products Indicator