The following steps should be followed when requesting a new agent login:

  1. Navigate to the online form located here.

  2. Complete all of the fields and submit the form to YUMBI for processing.

  3. Once the request has been received, YUMBI will create the user login.

  4. YUMBI will confirm the new agent login and password by sending an email to the requester.

For security purposes, creation of new Switchboard Agents is currently handled by YUMBI directly and is not possible by the Call Centre.

Note that the following information is mandatory when requesting a new login:

  • Switchboard Reference ID

  • Requester First and Last Name

  • Requester Email Address

  • Requester Contact Number

  • Agent First and Last Name

  • Agent Email Address (must be unique per agent, no sharing)

  • Restaurant Brand to which the agent should have access.

Agent Permissions:

It is important to note that agents are provided with access to all of the restaurants belonging to a specific brand group linked to the Switchboard. They will not, however, be able to place orders at outlets that have not been linked to the Switchboard.