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When and how are YUMBI invoices sent to my outlet?

YUMBI submits invoices to outlets at least once a month. These invoices may comprise of one or more of the following products and/or services:


  • Provision of YUMBI Printer hardware.

  • Courier fees for the shipping of YUMBI Printer hardware to the restaurant's location.

  • Support time for the setup and/or updates to an outlet's delivery polygons/delivery zones.

  • Processing fees for any website Orders during the period.

  • Processing fees for any Switchboard Orders during the period.

  • Processing fees for any StoreFront Orders paid during the period.

  • Monthly Platform Enable Fee.


The invoice period for outlets is from the FIRST day of the calendar month to the LAST day of the current month. Invoices are generated and submitted via email to the outlet's nominated billing contact, after the 1st of the current month for review.



 See an example referenced below:


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