A cancelled order is sometimes referred to as a failed order. This happens when a consumer places an order on any of the YUMBI channels and the order is declined by the store, not accepted on the GSM printer, or failed to print because of internet issues on the POS and the GSM printer is off. 


When an order fails on the POS (it will keep trying for 5 minutes) it will then come through the YUMBI GSM printer, it will ring on the GSM Printer for another 5 minutes, if it is not accepted it will automatically fail. 

Just before the order fails a warning SMS will be sent to a number nominated by the Franchisee, i.e Operations Manager or Franchisee. 

The sms will read: An order by "Customer Name" looks like it is about to fail.” http://yum.bi/QzB7NP4tzG

Should the order still not be accepted, another SMS will be sent,

SMS will read: “An order by "Customer name" has just FAILED.” http://yum.bi/QzB7NP4tzG

To avoid Failed orders :

  • Ensure the POS system is always connected to the internet. 

  • Ensure the GSM printer is always on, to be able to serve as back up.

  • Press the green “OK” button each time the GSM printer rings.


What if my restaurant can not make orders for any reason?

If the restaurant cannot accept orders for any particular reason, the below steps need to be followed;

  1. Switch the GSM printer off. 

  2. If the store is Aura enabled, notify Aura to take the POS offline. 

The store will then appear as “Online ordering unavailable” on the website.


Here are some of the reasons why an order may be cancelled:

  • The order was placed at the incorrect store.

  • The Customer may have ordered a menu Item that is out of stock.

  • The store has not configured delivery zones with YUMBI that apply to their operation, this then leads to customers outside of delivery zones ordering.