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How do I receive my monthly invoice from YUMBI?

Once a month at the end of the billing cycle, the Billing Contact assigned to each outlet will receive an invoice with the amounts due to YUMBI. 

What does the invoice entail?

These invoices will consist of the following:

  • Monthly recurring fees.
  • Monthly commissions for each order successfully sent to the outlet.
  • Monthly subscriptions (Campaign Manager).
  • Any Brand rebates (if applicable).

Should you not receive your monthly invoices, please check your contract signed with the Sales department to make sure the requested billing contact is listed on the contract. If the billing contact has since changed, please send an email  to to request the change. 

If you are the correct billing contact and you have not received your monthly invoice, there is a possibility that the email has ended up in your spam folder. 

If not in your Spam folder - Please submit a ticket to to request your monthly invoice. 

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