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How do I improve my Switchboard Reporting confidence score?

YUMBI has upgraded Switchboard report functionality to track calls and orders placed via the Switchboard interface more accurately, using one of the supported telephone management systems (currently Euphoria and Paratus).

What is the call data confidence score?

The call data confidence score is a measure of how accurately we can measure your Switchboard performance. It reflects the quality of the data we have available to generate your Switchboard reports.


Why is it important to improve my confidence score?

We want you to have the utmost confidence in the Switchboard reporting information you are reading, so you can make important decisions with confidence.

The old reporting took calls placed at your store and Switchboard orders placed at the store and used those numbers to calculate order rates and related statistics. However this has some downfalls, as in some instance stores ended up with order rates of more than 100%, which is meaningless and not a true reflection of what actually happened.

How does this happen?

  • Calls to store A resulted in an order for store B (very likely in a combo store environment, but also possible in an outsourced Call Centre where store A was closed or offline ), or 
  • There is call data missing from the Call Centre’s telephone management system.

How does the new report work?

We analyse your call and ordering data and match orders placed at your store via the Switchboard interface with calls placed either at your store or even another store.

Your Switchboard agents’ softphones (calls answered on their computer) pass us a unique call identifier (UID) that we use to track what happens after the call is placed.

It allows us to answer questions such as :

  • Did the call result in an order to the store? 
  • If not, what happened?
      • Was there an order at a combo store that you own?
      • Was an order placed elsewhere?

If we can pick up a UID for a call, we can match these calls to orders with 100% confidence.

Even if we don’t get a UID for your call, we’ll still attempt to match your calls to orders, by looking at data such as mobile numbers, call times, but the confidence level will decrease.

For example, even if we don’t have a UID to match with, we will attempt to match calls with orders by matching on mobile number, landline number and so forth with decreasing confidence, using other factors such as how long it took between a call and an order being placed.

How do I get a 100% confidence rate?

  • All of the agents in the Call Centre that answer your calls need to have their softphone correctly configured to pass the UID.
  • Your agent must use the softphone incoming call answer function to answer the call, launching the Switchboard screen (A well-trained Call Centre agent should already be doing this).

Click here for a step by step tutorial for setting up your agents correctly

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